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Human lives and activities are going on in the environment, are relevant to the environment and impossible without it. If we talk only about inanimate nature, in addition to geographical and geological conditions for a significant proportion of the environmental part of the weather and climate. There is no one in the business process, which is not dependent on weather or climate. Weather and climate, complex weather is always associated with a particular location. Weather complex consists of the same or similar weather that lasts for several days. The complex is not some free derivative is a certain regularity, a system consisting of similar weather. Climate - is "weather complexes" as a whole. It sums up not only a few days, but also for many years the weather. Climate includes the whole weather: potential and actually observed in a particular place for a very long time. The climate is taken to include the typical weather changes, the daily and annual fluctuations. Climate - is a complex system that is changing and evolving relying on other realms of change and development: cryosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere and others. All this creates the global climate system, and while the Lithuanian climate is an integral part of the global climate, studies of regional climate-forming factor is simply impossible to describe and analyze the whole climate system, so it is often limited to only one system, ie, atmospheric analysis. The simplification of the climate system must still add a general atmospheric circulation and water circulation, solar radiation, and its geographic location. Climate cognitive process involves the following processes forming the climate analysis, climate-forming element characteristics, features of the climate anomalies and events for classification, and climate.