2023-11-30 | Meteo.lt API to start providing hydrological observation data

Please be informed that from now on you can access even more hydrometeorological data via meteo.lt API. Recently, 30 days of hourly water level and temperature data from as many as 95 water measurement stations (WMS) have been made available. Until now, you could only view the graphs with this information on our website, but now you will be able to download and/or use the VMS data e.g. in the programmes you develop.

Please note that in addition to hydrological data, Meteo.lt API is also open for weather forecasts (for 7 days). You will also find 10 years of actual weather history from 18 of Lithuania’s main meteorological stations, with hourly hourly data for each day on air temperature, wind speed, gusts, gusts, gusts and gusts direction, clouds and cumulative clouds, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, precipitation and weather conditions.

If the data is still not enough for you, then we would like to remind you that on the meteo.lt website you can find the most important hydrometeorological datasets: temperature, precipitation, snow, wind, thunderstorms, sunshine, hydrometeorological chronicles, temperature records, maps and more.

FOR THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW WHAT API IS: meteo.lt API (Application programming interface) enables access to and use of publicly available data measured at the meteorological and water measurement stations of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service, as well as to the weather forecasts produced by the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service (Harmonie/ECMWF weather models). Using the meteo.lt API, you can integrate the meteorological data provided by LHMT into your own applications. More detailed instructions on how to use the Meteo.lt API can be found here (in Lithuanian).