Areas of activity

      The Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service under the Ministry of the Environment:

  • formulates and implements public policy on hydrometeorology;
  • carries out hydrometeorological observations and participates in the national environmental monitoring programme;
  • provides meteorological, hydrological, marine hydrometeorological, solar ultraviolet radiation index, heat index and wind chill forecasts, as well as warnings of natural disasters, severe and catastrophic phenomena, and sudden changes in the weather, and the depletion of the total ozone layer;
  • provides information on the hydrological regime of surface water bodies, weather, climate change and its impact on the environment and on the activities and development of the national economy;
  • compiles databases, provides data to the World Data Banks and the State Cadastre of Rivers, Lakes and Ponds of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • publishes information publications and yearbooks;
  • inspecting and certifying hydrometeorological instruments;
  • participates and represents the Republic of Lithuania in the World Meteorological Organisation.