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Operational hydrological network's information (yet without the data reliability assessment). Official information can be obtained from the Hydrology Division of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service under the Ministry of Environment The water level in shown in metres above the water gauging station's (WGS) zero. WGS zero is a selected point, coinciding with the lowest graduation of the measuring gauge (of a particular VMS).

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Water temperature


Water reservoir Water temperature (°C)
Tauragno ež. - Tauragnai 18
Totoriškių ež. - Trakai 19
Kauno marios - Darsūniškis 17
Neris - Vilnius 16
Nemunas - Druskininkai 18
Šventoji - Anykščiai 15
Kuršių marios - Ventė 15
Kuršių marios - Nida 17
Baltijos jūra - Klaipėda 17
Baltijos jūra - Nida 16

Data is eneters every day till 11 AM