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Frequently asked questions

"Why the website has been updated?“

The update was necessary in order to adapt to the modern consumer expectations by creating a modern site, adapted for use in both stationary and mobile devices. The updated LHMS website features more options to provide you with comprehensive information.

"I cannot find anything in the new website"

The new website was intended to maintain the same information principles, but of course there are changes. It is understood that in the beginning you will need a bit of effort to understand its different structure, appearance and navigation, but we hope that finally you will appreciate the advantages of this version, and you will like it.

"How to order hydrometeorological information?"

Hydrometeorological information can be ordered electronically, see E. Services, or by written application sent to us by e-mail or regular mail. Application examples can be found in Applications → Services. The request shall specify what kind of information from any meteorological or hydrological stations you need.

"I cannot find your mobile app"

Mobile app is provided on the platforms Android and Apple

"What can be ordered through the electronic services system?"

Throug the E.Services portal you can subscribe to data which are updated from climatological databases and the latest forecasters' platform. E. Services provide the opportunity to quickly and easily get the past weather and surface water data summaries and, via authorized access, to track frequently updated weather radar and satellites, lightning detection systems and meteorological stations data, to order XML services, detailed information for civil aviation, marine meteorological and weather forecasts for leisure, entertainment and sports.