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Areas of activity

LHMS, in executing its state-entrusted functions:

  • Formulates and implements national policy in the field of hydrometeorology;
  • Performs hydrometeorological observations and participates in the state environmental monitoring programme;
  • Originates meteorological (including agrometeorological, aeronautical and marine), hydrological and solar radiation UVI forecasts as well as warnings about dangerous, elemental and catastrophic hydrometeorological phenomena, sudden weather changes, ozone layer depletion;
  • Provides information on hydrological regime of surface water bodies, climate change and its impact on the environment, national economy and its development;
  • Maintains hydrometeorological databases and provides their data for the world data banks and for the Lithuanian state cadastre of rivers, lakes and reservoirs;
  • Issues informational publications and compiles yearbooks;
  • Perform conformity assessment of hydrometeorological instrumentation and issues certificates;
  • Participates and represents the Republic of Lithuania in the World Meteorological Organization – a specialized United Nations agency.